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Waxing refers to the semi-permanent process of ridding the body of hair. The effectiveness of this process stems from the fact that the hair is removed from the root thus it takes a while before the hair can grow back again. As uncomfortable as it sounds, there are quite a number of benefits that come with waxing and these including your having smooth and sexy skin. It is possible to wax any of the body parts on which hair grows. There are two very common forms of waxing and these are bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing.

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Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing is normally intended to get rid of the hair that is found growing outside of the region where the bikini bottoms rest. Normally, this process is done when one is putting on bikini bottoms or panties and can either be done by a licensed practitioner or you can do it for yourself at home. The wax is usually applied to the area that has hair after which a wax strip is used to remove it. Compared to the Brazilian waxing process, the bikini waxing is much faster but the level of pain involved in the two processes is at par. The best way to deal with the pain that results from waxing is trying your best to ensure that your body is as relaxed as possible.

Brazilian Waxing

The Brazilian waxing process normally involves the removal of hair from the entire region between the belly button and the buttocks. This process usually requires the person on whom the waxing is being done to be fully naked from the waist downwards. It is highly advisable that this process be performed by a licensed professional. The process is intended to get rid of the hair found around the testicles and the vagina. As shocking as it may sound, even men do have Brazilian waxes done. The amount of hair that is usually removed during this process is decided by the client; not all of the hair is removed.

One great tip that you should never forget when it comes to these two types of waxing is that timing is very crucial. Ensure that you are not exposed to the sun for at least twenty-four hours prior to the waxing process. For the women, it is highly advisable that you have waxing done one to two weeks following the completion of your menstrual periods.

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