Spa Pedicure


A Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of the feet, it is also extremely relaxing and therapeutic. When feet are tired and sore and swollen from hours of standing, the rest of the body suffers from aches and pains making you feel tired and irritable. A pedicure commences with sitting in a massage chair, a warm soak in a foot spa, this starts the relaxation process and softens the skin.

A Standard Pedicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, cuticle treatment, smoothen your foot, foot soak, and massage of the foot and lower leg. Hot towels are used to give deeper penetration of the cuticle oil and lotion, leaving you with beautifully soft feet and the application of no chipping gel or lacquer polish.

A Luxury Pedicure will include the condition of the skin by exfoliating and reducing the areas of hard skin and moisturizing with the use of rich creams and oils. The condition of the skin is improved and the relaxation process is completed with the inclusion of a foot and leg massage with hot stone. Hot towels are used to give deeper penetration of the creams or oils that are applied. No chipping gel or lacquer polish will finally be applied to the nails