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5 tips to take care of your nails like a salon

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Nails not only help protect and beautify your hands, but also reflect your health status. In addition to ensuring nutrition for meals to keep nails strong and durable, let's apply some of the following tips to best protect beautiful nails.
Some of the most common types are as follows (names and products may vary from spa to spa): Regular pedicure: A simple treatment that includes foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer, and nail polishing.

Nail salon 22407 | Paragon Nails | Fredericksburg, VA 22407 | Nail salon near me | The best nail salon Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Avoid prolonged contact with water
The habit of soaking your hands in water will make your nails vulnerable to damage. Instead, you should get into the habit of wearing gloves to protect your nails, avoiding direct contact with cleaning agents.

Avoid using a lot of bleach solutions, nail polish
Limit the use of nail polish remover as little as possible. If possible, you should only use 1-2 times a month and absolutely stay away from nail polish containing acetone, a compound that causes dryness and damage to nails.
Do not leave nail polish for more than 7 days because that makes your nails more susceptible to weakening. After 1 week, you should remove the nail polish color, let the nail relax, rest, then repaint the new nail.

Use polish to protect nails better
Don't think that nail polish is just an extra layer of paint, the purpose of this paint is to protect nails from external harmful agents. So, when you want to both beautify and protect your nails, don't skip the polishing step.
Polish change is simply nailed color change done on the hands and feet while a full pedicure involves full treatment of the feet where the excess overgrown cuticle skin that surrounds the toenails are gotten rid of, all the dead thick callused skin is taken off the bottom of the feet, the nails are buffed, cut and field into perfection, the feet are massaged with cream and then the toenails are polished.
Polish change is a mini manicure and pedicure offered by almost all spas and nail salons, it has to do with the removal of the old polish and the application of a new one. This service is quite affordable and when you're trying to minimize cost, save money or simply too busy to make an extra stop at salon, polish change is a dry quick way to fix up your nails. It doesn't take more than ten minutes, unlike pedicure that takes about an hour to fix.

Just like how you take care of your face. To have beautiful skin, you must constantly provide moisture to the skin. So moisturize your nails like you moisturize your skin. Manicurist Holly Falcone likes to apply a blend of almonds and olive oil to (or other rich moisturizers) moisturize cuticles and nails before bed. If the above ingredients are not available, you can also use lip balm instead.

Do not remove excess skin
The cuticle, the cuticle or dead skin, is responsible for protecting the area around the nail. So when she cut the dead skin, she broke the seal that protects the nail, causing damage to the nail and increasing the risk of infection. In short, the more you let the dead skin die, the more your nails will thank you.
But if you are having trouble with this cutin, you should just use a small wooden stick to gently push the dead skin around the nail after bathing (at this time your skin becomes soft to make it easier to remove the dead skin from the nail). . Then, massage the area with a moisturizer.
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